1.  Are we still open?  Yes we are, it was our competitor down the block that was closed by the LRT Expansion.  We are located across from the ATB and the Howard Johnson (formerly the Saxony) on 156 St and Stony Plain Road  (southeast corner).

2.  What is wrong with the shopping cart? 

We are currently having problems with our online credit card provider.  Apparently, there is a lot of fraud on the internet particularly in relation to adult material which results in a significantly increased cost.  To avoid passing this cost on to you, we are now accepting e-transfer.

Or you can email us at tsxxxdvd@shaw.ca with the list of titles that you are interested in and we can set these titles aside for you and provide you with the price and gst.  We would then need you to send us a money order for the dvds and the gst (and shipping if order is under $49).  Thanks for your patience!

3. Why are the prices so low? 

     There are several reasons...

a.  We import very large quantities of DVDs from the USA from large distributors so we have buying power as well as economies of scale i.e. the costs of shipping and  importing are spread over more DVDs.  We import the toys directly from the manufacturer in the USA, so there is no middle man.

b.  We usually buy what is referred to as "catalog" title DVDs as opposed to new releases.  The price of cataloged titles is much lower than new releases even though the titles are only a couple of years old.  We do get new releases if a customer specifically asks for one.

c.  We have extremely low overhead.  No fancy marble flooring or glass and brass fixtures.

d.  We liquidate the DVDs i.e. we reduce the price when they have been on our shelves for a while.  We do not maintain a library or a warehouse of historical artifacts.

4.  Can I get a title that is not on your website? 

We can try to order specific titles for you, but we need the name of the title and the production house associated with it.  For example Transsexual Babysitters 23 by Devil's.  Please contact us by email at tsxxxdvd@shaw.ca  if you would like us to look for something.  However, it is getting more difficult to find old titles because the production houses are limiting how many copies they produce.  No one wants to pay the cost of warehousing old DVDs.  Our advice is that if you see something you like, buy it, don't wait. 

5.  Can I order on-line and pick it up in the store?

If you want to pick it up from our location on Stony Plain Road in Edmonton then email us the request with the title and the brand name (i.e. Cougars Crave Young Kittens 11 by Lethal Hardcore) at tsxxxdvd@shaw.ca and don't put it through the website.  We have Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Card payment options (or cash) at the Edmonton store or e-transfer online.